Diacon Corp



Diacon Corp

26 Waterhouse Road

Cape Elizabeth, Maine USA 04107


ph 207.767.8219


Diacon provides three basic categories of service



Calibrations - Diacon provides on site snubber test bench calibrations to over a dozen utilities. Using our specialized calibration standards, we perform in-situ "end-to-end" system calibrations of all critical instrumentation systems on the test equipment. Calibrations generally require one day on site. No disassembly of the test bench is required, so downtime is minimized.


We maintain a QA program for our calibration activities, and are regularly surveyed by NUPIC. All of our standards have calibrations traceable to NIST.



Training - As the OEM of API, API/Barker, Barker/Diacon, and Diacon test equipment, we are the only fully qualified source for training for our equipment. We can perform training at our site or yours. Training encompasses machine operation and test result analysis and troubleshooting.


Outage support - We supply specialized outage support services for our customers including test machine operation and specialized testing related services.



Snubber Testing Related Services