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The Barker/Diacon System 2000NM Series Snubber Test Bench is designed to provide utilities and service companies with a rugged, easy to maintain, and easy to use piece of test gear to support snubber ISI activities.

The System 2000NM Snubber Test Bench System is capable of testing all types of snubbers, including mechanical acceleration limiting, mechanical velocity limiting, and hydraulic velocity limiting with or without activation (lock up) characteristics.

We build test benches with capacities from 6 kip to 200 kip, or higher on special order. A typical standard machine includes a high force test frame, a low force test frame, a hydraulic power unit (HPU), and a system control console.

We can also build integral units where the HPU is built into each frame, for space savings and easier transport.

Advantages of the Barker/Diacon System 2000 test bench include:

CONCENTRICALLY LOADED FRAME - The triple rail design provides greater strength and rigidity than "I-Beam" type designs. This eliminates instrument inaccuracies due to off axis loading and allows a stronger, lighter test bench.

WINDOWS BASED SOFTWARE - User friendly Windows based software shares a common user interface across our product line. Human performance errors are minimized through strict computer control of all aspects of snubber testing. Convenient features such as automated daily calibration checks enhance user confidence.

ADVANCED HYDRAULIC DESIGN - Our advanced design uses simple, bulletproof hydraulic components to achieve superior control over all testing parameters. No servo valves, less noise, less heat, lower cost, greater reliability.


S2000 NM Test Benches