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Full Size Bench Upgrades


MHCI Upgrades



For those who already have test bench, but wish to upgrade it to the latest operating specification, Diacon can supply complete system upgrades. Scope of supply depends on the type and condition of the donor equipment.


At a minimum, we will completely replace the hydraulic power unit, the electrical controls, the instrumentation amplifiers, and supply a new control console.


Depending on the donor equipment and customer requirements, additional equipment may include new driver cylinder(s), pins/bushings, and primary instruments for load, position, and velocity.



Once upgraded, upgraded machine function identically to our current S2000NM machines.



We have successfully upgraded full capability benches from BP, A/DE and Enertech.



For those utilities with MHCI 623A/B machines, we can supply a very cost effective upgrade which replaces the obsolete electronic controls with a laptop computer and printer.




Snubber Test Bench Upgrades